08 June 2017

Émilie Kodjo

Artificial intelligence can’t solve every problem in the media, but it can take care of these

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are slowly but surely getting ahead in some newsrooms around the world, but how are they effectively shaping the life of one of the biggest news agencies in the world?

Francesco Marconi, Manager of Strategy and Corporate Development at the Associated Press in New York focuses on media strategy in Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Data. He will be part of the panel ‘It’s raining bots: Four best practices to make the most of automation’ with co-panelists David Alandete, Managing Editor of El País, Robert Unsworth from News Republic, with moderator Noriko Tagikuchi of robonews.net, discussing the involvement of machine learning in personalised news, at the GEN Summit 2017 in Vienna, 21–23 June. 

©Associated Press

How do you see Artificial intelligence and immersive technologies shape the future of news?

Streamlining workflows, taking out grunt work, crunching more data, digging out insights and generating additional outputs are just a few of the mega-wins that have resulted from putting smart machines to work in the service of journalism.