13 July 2017

Jakub Górnicki

A few things to know about startups in media

How a good idea becomes a valuable startup, and how to infusejournalism values into it

When you know you have a good idea for a media startup

When talking to all startups taking part in the Startups for News 2017competition, I got really curious about the moment they realised they had an idea worth pursuing as a separate entity. Eight startups were represented, accounting for almost 20 people, and each of them had different backgrounds.

Yet they all ended up at the GEN Summit in a competition aimed at bridging the gap between the startup world and newsrooms. BlockthroughCromaFlourishMuuzePolitibotPopulatePushApps and UrbsMedia — went down different paths to become media startups, but gave some clues on how a – sometimes – simple idea can turn into an actual company.

Consulting creates tools

Many of the participants were consultants at some point in the careers and founded software of agency companies. While they were working with different clients and what seemed — various projects — they started to see patterns and build internal tools to help them deal with daily operations. At some point they realised that the toll itself is the value. That happened to Flourish for example, a startup that developed a platform made for producing high-quality interactive content, created by the cofounders of multi-award-winning interactive studio Kiln.digital, based on years of experience working for newsrooms and others.

Switching industries

Your technology tool may not work for the industry you are in but it can be a success in a different one. PushApps started as a “normal” tech startup operating as a software house, before they realised the tool they had in mind is perfect for publishers and editors.