24 August 2017

Storytelling and business models: when video transforms the newsroom

In the words of Mic’s publisher and the Global Editors Network Vice President, Cory Haik.

The relationship between digital publishers and video has always been intricate: looking to subdue the medium to satisfy its primary target – millennials – pique the interest of the new ‘news consumers’ – GEN Z while casting a wide net on platforms with sharp and remarkable content.

In the past few weeks, several news platforms have announced their pivot to video, revamping their strategy, their business model and their newsroom. While the term provokes a rather passionate response, the new direction adopted by several digital publications has been hailed either as shocking or as inevitable.

In a memo first distributed to staff, before being published on Mic, the company said “We made these tough decisions because we believe deeply in our mission to make Mic the leader in visual journalism and we need to focus the company to deliver on our mission”.

Recode published a few days ago, an article by GEN Vice President Cory Haik, publisher at Mic, in which she gets to expand on the news organisation forthcoming strategy, and editorial redirection, with its drastically new approach to content, production, to the newsroom and to staffing. We deemed appropriate to share her full words on our Medium publication, to reflect the shift Mic is taking.