07 June 2018

The Global Editors Network welcomes a new president

Once again, the GEN Summit has broken its own record: the eighth edition of the Global Editors Network's annual conference, this year in Lisbon, welcomed more than 840 senior news executives, editors-in-chief, startup CEOs, and media innovators from over 70 countries, representing a 12% increase from the past edition, the GEN Summit 2017 in Vienna, which hosted 750 participants.

The GEN Board, composed of 21 international leading media professionals, is delighted with the growing success and impact of the conference. The GEN Board Members met ahead of the opening of the conference to discuss upcoming strategies to address the challenges faced by the news industry worldwide. 


The full GEN Board expressed their gratitude for the outgoing GEN president, Peter Bale, who concluded his two-year mandate on a high note. The Global Editors Network reached new territories, expanded its programmes, and launched new ventures during his time as president of the Board, and registered a considerable increase in revenue over the past year. 



Former GEN Vice-president Cory Haik,publisher at Mic, is the new acting GEN President. Her mandate is to be confirmed at the 8 September Board Meeting, and ushering a restructuration. Instead of 21 members, the new Board – to be elected at the 8 September General Assembly – will count 15 members maximum, and will welcome more diversity, with a pledge to have equal gender representation.


A new system of governance will be instituted, based on a strong executive committee of five people, meeting on a monthly basis, following a periodical report from the GEN CEO. This new governance will create new opportunities for growth for the Global Editors Network, while also guaranteeing the sustainability of the organisation with a working capital fund.