Johnny Richards

Jonathan Richards

Jonathan Richards is a former Guardian journalist, now at Google's Creative Lab, in Sydney, where he works on projects which explore new ways to create compelling user experiences on the web. Many of the Lab's pieces involve collaborations with cultural organisations experimenting with new forms of digital practice.

Previously he was at the Guardian newspaper in London where he ran the Interactive team—a group of designers, developers, film-makers and editors producing bespoke editorial content and apps, including the Walkley-winning Firestorm.

Prior to that he was an editor, writer, and developer at the Times of London.

He lectures on new forms of story-telling all around the world, and was one of the founders of Hacks / Hackers in London. He is an occasional teacher, and an unapologetic Rubyist. He also plays trumpet— rather more scrappily than he used to.

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    Google Creative Lab

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Walkleys Editors Lab

03 March 2016

Walkley Editors Lab 2017

09 March 2017