Oscar Lizardo

Manages the information and public relations group that promotes Project NOAH as a tool for disaster prevention and mitigation. 

Oversaw the Information, Communication, and Education (IEC) seminars of Project NOAH, a nationwide campaign that aimed to educate LGUs and other stakeholders regarding the programs under Project NOAH. 

Successfully conducted IEC campaigns for all 18 regions of the Philippines.

Successfully integrated Project NOAH’s information platform (NOAH website) to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council’s Operations Center. 

Present liaison of Project NOAH for all its talks and presentations in various meetings, conferences, conventions, as well as to LGUs, NGAs, and private sector groups. 

Also serves as the external affairs officer tasked to promote Project NOAH to various stakeholders both in the public and private sector and create mutually beneficial relationships with them through partnership and consultation.

  • Organisation:

    Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment Hazards)

  • Job Title:

    Chief Information Officer

  • Country:


Philippines Editors Lab