Jane Octia

Janie Octia

As Yahoo’s former editorial operations manager for India and Southeast Asia, I was responsible for connecting products and editorial teams.

In this role, I helped design online media properties that are optimised for the best user experience; I create cutting-edge publishing tools that serve the needs of Yahoo editors; and provide training for editors on how and when to use new editorial products to better engage users.

A journalist by training and education, my passion and expertise in using technology to redefine media experiences makes me unique in the journalism industry. 

Over the last six years, I have also worked with hundreds of publishers and contributors in the Asia Pacific region by helping them bring their content onto the Yahoo platform and reach millions of our users everyday.

Outside of Yahoo, I am one of the co-founders of the Singapore chapter of Online News Association, a non-profit membership organization for digital journalists.

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    Media and Product Consultant

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Philippines Editors Lab