Paolo Osso Esri

Paolo Osso

Paolo is a Geologist and a Geographic Information System Expert.

In 2000 he started to work for Esri Italia as GIS (geographic information system) expert.

He continued his career working in several Esri business units. Since 2013 he is responsible for Esri Marketing & Communication Italy.

One of his main tasks is to increase the dissemination of geospatial information and technology knowledge in Italy.

Esri is the market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software development. The company's technology shows people how to use geography and technology to make the world work better: design more efficient cities, deliver clean water and electricity, fight crime, slow climate change, and stamp out disease.

Disaster and emergency management, alongside major government organizations in the world, is one of the many tasks that Esri faces daily.

  • Organisation:

    Esri Italia

  • Job Title:

    Marketing Manager

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24 February 2017