Trushar B

Trushar Barot

With over 20 years of working in the British and global media industry, across newspapers, TV, radio and online, I've had the opportunity to gain some great skills, experience - and friends - along the way. Summary of skills and experience:

* Social media, digital and mobile strategy and delivery
* Chat apps product development and partnerships
* Social media production, newsgathering and crisis management
* BBC News thought leader and spokesman on mobile and messaging platforms and digital development
* News Editor managing a team of journalists for User Generated Content (UGC) during Breaking News
* Editorial project management
* Social and digital data analysis and metrics for the BBC News' 'social newsroom'
* Leading teams in a busy newsroom environment, including live news (international news and domestic news) 
* Change management (including planning, communication and delivery)
* Developing partnerships with companies on digital and social media projects
* Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with social media companies
* Public speaking and conference presentations in the digital and media industry
* Social media and UGC training
* Creating corporate-wide social media guidelines and best practice documentation
* Contributing to industry blogs and academic publications on social and digital media
* Making on-air appearances on BBC News (TV and radio) to talk about social and digital media trends and analysis
* Radio output editing and production
* TV headline writing and production of news bulletins
* Online news index management, sub-editing and writing
* Radio field producing
* Newspaper/print journalism

Passion: Bringing innovation to the way mobile and digital technology is used in journalism and in the digital world more broadly

  • Organisation:

    BBC World Service 2020 Project

  • Job Title:

    Digital and Editorial Strategist

  • Country:

    United Kingdom

Delhi Editors Lab

21 April 2017