Blaise Aboh

Blaise Aboh

Blaise Aboh is a Citizen Data Scientist and founding partner of Orodata Science Nigeria, a Civic Tech organization using Open Data, Data Visualization and related methodologies to democratize public information towards transparency and citizen inclusion.  As Lead Data Analytics/Design, his work revolves around using in-depth visual analysis to simplify and explain some of Nigeria’s multidimensional issues in order to influence public policies and opinion. In 2014 his Election Data Analytics and Visualization (EDAV) project aimed at voter education and citizen engagement reached over 926,000 people online, leveraging insights from social media behavioral analysis and key election data, hence contributing greatly to the democratic electoral process in 2015.

Blaise is a recipient of LEAP SIPA Fellowship and was featured in datastori.es ‘Dataviz Around The World – 2016 Year Review’.  He is a trained Engineer and also has an education at Stanford University – Lagunita on Technology for Accountability and Transparency. Recently, Blaise helped train over 80 Residential Information Communication Officers in government MDAs under the European Union (EU) Support to Federal Governance Reform Program (SUFEGOR) on Improving Government Communication and Engaging Citizens. He is always concerned about discovering data and using it to bridge the huge gap between government and citizens.

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    Founding Partner

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NAN Editors Lab

09 March 2017