Gerald Riedmann

Gerold Riedmann

Gerold is the CEO of Russmedia Digital and editor-in-chief of Vorarlberger Nachrichten newspaper in Vorarlberg, Austria. Besides his journalistic work he headed up the major editorial redesign in 2009 and manages the hyperlocal cross-media-projects in print and online. He is responsible for the eReading and iPad initiatives within the company. Until 2003 he has lived for several years in Munich. Gerold has worked for tv, radio stations and online-news sites (Radio-Network of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZ, Kirch Group) as journalist, producer and editor-in-chief. Gerold serves as Vice-President of GEN since June 2016.

  • Organisation:

    Russmedia Digital

  • Job Title:

    Chief Executive Officer

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