Antoine Laurent

Journalist, media innovation strategist, online communications expert.

As an ICFJ international Knight Fellow based in Jakarta, Indonesia, I am embedded in the newsroom of renowned Tempo magazine, to advise them on their ongoing digital transition, on the production of innovative interactive journalism, data driven journalism, on regional partnerships with platforms and product partners...

As the Director of the Google Digital Innovation Press Fund, I oversee the execution of funded projects and advise publishers on the management of 150+ innovative editorial products funded by the fund since 2013.

  • Organisation:

    ICFJ international Knight Fellow

  • Job Title:

    International Media Strategist

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Editors Lab Yahoo! News Hackdays, Sunnyvale

02 November 2013

GEN Summit 2012

GEN Summit 2011

27 November 2011

GEN Summit 2013

Editors Lab - Buenos Aires

27 August 2013

Editors Lab Le Parisien

10 October 2013

Editors Lab - Cape Town

06 September 2013

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Editors Lab - London

26 September 2013

Editors Lab - Rome

05 October 2013

Editors Lab - Moscow

10 November 2013

Editors Lab VRT

09 December 2013

Editors Lab in Madrid

04 June 2015

Jakarta Editors Lab 2018

09 March 2018

Editors Lab Final 2018

29 May 2018