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Jan-Eric Peters

Jan-Eric attended the German Journalist School of Munich and Munich School of Political Science. He worked in various German organisations such as Abendzeitung Munich, Hamburger Morgenpost, 'Max' magazine where he becomes Editor-in-chief in 1999. in 2003, he becomes Editor-in-chief of DIE WELT and Berliner Morgenpost only two years after he joined the organisation. In 2004, he is behind the development and Introduction of WELT KOMPAKT. He also happens to be the founding director of Axel Springer Akademie in Berlin. To this present day, Jan-Eric is the Editor-in-chief of DIE WELT, WELT am SONNTAG, WELT KOMPAKT, WELT AKTUELL, WELT ONLINE, WELT MOBIL.

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GEN Summit 2014

11 June 2014