Alex Goldmark

Native New Yorker. Public radio lifer, with some detours.

Lately: I produce New Tech City, WNYC's show about how technology is changing the way we live. Before that at WNYC, I covered transportation, cities, local news, edited the national news show, The Takeaway and piloted experiments in inclusive hyper-local programming.

Previously: Executive producer of a couple of erstwhile programs at Air America Radio; contributed to GOOD, Fast Company magazines, and places like that.

On the side: Visiting assistant prof at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

Fun facts: I was the sound man for the Flying Karamazov Brothers and own an orange velvet couch. Proudly, 1/3 of @TeamBlinky

  • Organisation:

    WNYC Radio

  • Job Title:

    Senior Producer

  • Country:

    United States