jabbar tarad

jabbar tarad is jabbarBiography Aalmatah C.V

Name: Jabbar steadily Ekab Shammari.

Nascent: Baghdad 1962.

Email: jabbarpress@yahoo.com

Education: BA in Political Science


       - Member of the International Federation of Journalists.

       - Member of the Federation of Arab Journalists.

       - Member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate.


Positions held:

- Secretary editor Iraq 1985.

- Editor of Zora (IJS).

- Vice-captain journalists for 3 consecutive sessions and continuing until now.

- Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, 2008.

- Editor in chief of the Iraqi Media Foundation for Media Production and television since 2008 and so far.


- The recipient of several shields and certificates of appreciation from the journalists' union and local media organizations and Arab.

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    iraq media news agancy

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