Amir El Gabry

I studied Law at the faculty of law – Cairo University, he graduated in year 2004, then I started to develop himself by taking many courses in Languages, computer and soft skills, than I started my job search and I did not wait a long time, I worked in sales in year 2005 joining Al Masry media corporation and I succeed to keep up my performance high and achieving the monthly target till year 2007 where Al Masry Org. build an agreement to outsource the Advertising Operation to two adv. Companies, This was the most important move happened to my Life, I had to choose between three career decisions, No.1 to accept the adv. Company offer and join Its team, No. 2 is to accept another offer with a higher position in another magazine No. 3 is to accept Al masry's offer and I Switch to Human Resources, I have decided to switch his career and to work in HR, this because I am one of the persons who feels his achievements when I found this achievement has Its direct impact on the organization.

I have established the first HR department in the Industry and it becomes one of Al Masry's Strengths, in 2009.

I started his study in human resources management Diploma – AUC and he graduated year 2010 and he joined MBA program in May 2010 to enhance and develop managerial skills and abilities and he graduated in year 2013 ( Grade A-) and I attended many training courses to enhance Many managerial capabilities and competencies such as Advanced managerial skills, coaching and others.

I have also built up a new career as a trainer and to approach that I obtained the Professional certified trainer certificate (Grade A) from the American university in Cairo (AUC).

I have Established Al Masry Media Development center for Media Training and Consultancy and he managing the operation

Now I work as Human Resources Supervisor, AMD Center Manager and Free lance Trainer and Consultant

  • Organisation:

    Al Masry Al Youm Media Corporation

  • Job Title:

    HR Supervisor and AMD Center Manager

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