Olivier Sagna

Olivier Sagna, Senegal, specializes in information technology in Africa. He is a founding member of the Senegalese Internet Society chapter and General Secretary of OSIRIS, an NGO looking at the development of the information society in Senegal, editor of BATIK, the monthly electronic newsletter published by OSIRIS, and webmaster of OSIRIS website. With a PhD in history and Master in Information Science, he has taught at the university level, directed the Dakar Francophone Virtual Campus, and participated in working groups created by the Association for the Development of Education in Africa. He is now with the Council for the Development of Social Research Social in Africa, and continues to write and consult on information society issues in Africa.


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    General Secretary

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Editors Lab in Dakar

14 January 2015

Editors Lab in Dakar - Français -

14 January 2015