Bart Brouwers

Founder and co-owner of Media52, online & print news outlet on everything concerning innovation, economy and culture for the city of Eindhoven: check e52.nl

Entrepreneur in journalism: building media companies, project management, consulting. Zeelberg Media

Former Head of Business Development at TMG (Telegraaf Media Groep, Netherlands). (2013-2014) Cofounder of TMG Startups

Former editor-in-chief of dichtbij.nl, Hyperlocal Online Media for TMG. Built an online network of several hundreds of local platforms for news and other information in the Netherlands. (2009-2013)

Former editor-in-chief Sp!ts, 3rd largest national newspaper in the Netherlands (2006-2010)

Former editor-in-chief of Dagblad De Limburger, one of the largest regional dailies (2003-2006).

Two times member (and chairman) of "visitation commissions" for the Quality Control of Schools of Communication in the Netherlands

Former member of the Dutch Press Complaints Commission

Former boardmember of KIM, forum for reflection on (the ethics of) journalism. 

Member of the committee for contact with professionals at the Tilburg based Fontys School of Journalism (FHJ). 

Member of the temporary commission "Innovation and Future of the Press" for the minister of Education, Science and Media (2009).

MA (doctorandus) in Eastern European History.

Books: "Na de Deadline" (2013), "Wielrennen" (2011) and "Alles voor het Nieuws" (1994)

Living in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands. Married, two grown ups. Loves cycling.

Blogging for dodebomen.nl

Find me on twitter: @brewbart

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    Founder and co-owner

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Editors Lab in Amsterdam

09 April 2015