Jacopo Ottaviani


Jacopo Ottaviani is a computer scientist and journalist. He is experienced in data journalism and cross-border media projects (see Columbia Journalism Review). He builds narratives and visualisations around data and his work has been published by, among others, The Guardian, Al Jazeera International, Foreign Policy and Internazionale.


In 2014 he took part in the team which produced The dark side of the Italian tomato, an interactive documentary published by Al Jazeera, RFI and Internazionale. He won the 2014 Data Journalism Award with The Migrants Files, a cross-border data project that uncovered exclusive information on the plight of migrants trying to reach Europe. He coordinated Generation E, a cross-border, crowdsourced and data-driven project on South-European migration, published by a variety of international media. In 2015 he made the web-documentary E-waste Republic which won the 2015 DIG Awards and the 2015 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize.

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