The Data Journalism Awards 2015 Shortlist is now out!

What happens now?

  • From among nearly 500 submissions, the DJA pre-jury has selected 78 outstanding submissions. The shortlist is available on the GEN Community website here.
  • The DJA jury members now have six weeks to decide who will be the ten 2015 winners.
  • On 18 June, the ten winners will be awarded a €1,500 prize at a specific ceremony during the GEN Summit in Barcelona - a Public's Choice prize will be the tenth award.

What was new this season?

  • Simon Rogers, from Google Newslab, is the new DJA Director and six new jury members have joined for 2015. Paul Steiger will serve as President of the Jury.
  • We have introduced new categories to recognise the development and innovation in data journalism. 
  • A monthly newsletter, with the best work in data journalism, is curated by Simon Rogers. You can see the latest edition here, and register here.

Reminder: the deadline for submissions has now closed. Wait until December 2015 for submitting new entries for the 2016 Data Journalism Awards.

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See the 75 Finalists

Click here to see the shortlist for the DJA 2014

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