DJA 2015

Winners of the DJA 2015

The winners of the Data Journalism Awards 2015 were announced at the DJA Awards Ceremony at CosmoCaixa on 18 June. The Jury, presided over by Paul Steiger, selected 14 winners (see below) from among 78 finalists. More than 5,300 people voted for the winner of the Public Choice category. Category 6 - The Best Use of Data In A Breaking News Story - was not attributed this year. The winners received an award of €1,500. GEN thanked the sponsors of the event, Google, Caixa Bank and Knight Foundation. 

The winners are:

Category 1: Data Visualisation of the Year (Large Newsroom)

Dov Friedman, Tech Lead, Visuals, and Tynan DeBold, Interactive Graphics Coordinator from the Wall Street Journal (United States) for "Battling Infectious Diseases in the 20th Century: The Impact of Vaccines

Best Data Viz- WS Journal Battling Infectious Diseases

Category 1: Data Visualisation of the Year (Small Newsroom)

Matteo Moretti from Libera Università di Bolzano (Italy) for "People's Republic of Bolzano".

The People's Republic of Bolzano Data Viz

Category 2: Investigation of the Year (Large Newsroom)

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ - United States), including Le Monde, The Guardian and 75 media partners, for "Swiss Leaks - Murky Cash Sheltered by Bank Secrecy" and "Luxembourg Leaks: Global Companies' Secrets Exposed", both with Mar Cabra - Head of Data and Research Unit.

Swiss Leaks - ICIJ 

Luxembourg Leaks

Category 2: Best Investigation of the Year (Small Newsroom)

Fabiola Torres, David Hidalgo, Óscar Castilla, Antonio Cucho and Nelly Luna from Ojo Publico (Peru) for "Sworn Accounts: An Analysis of Changes and Wealth of Lima's Mayors"  

Sworn Accounts ojo publico

Category 3: Best News Data App of the Year (Large Newsroom)

BBC News (United Kingdom) for "Which Sport Are You Made For? Take Our 60 Second Test" by Bella Hurrell.

Which Sport Are You Made Of? BBC News

Category 3: News Data App of the Year (Small Newsroom)

Andrés Fernández A. and Alejandro Fernández S from El Financiero (Costa Rica) for "Does School Pay Off? How Much?" 

Does School Pay Off? El Financiero Costa Rica

Category 4: Data Journalism Website of the Year

La Nacion Data team (Argentina) for "LA NACION DATA: Open Data Journalism for Change". 

Logo Final Verdes

Category 5: Best Individual Portfolio 

Rob Barry from The Wall Street Journal (in New York City, USA).

Rob Barry - WSJ - Ind portfolio

Category 7: Open Data Award

*We have a tie*

Eva Jung and Lars Nørgaard Pedersen from Berlingske (Denmark) for: #Tracked

#Tracked Berlingske

Lena GroegerCharles Ornstein, and Ryann Grochowski Jones from ProPublica (United States) for "Treatment Tracker: The Doctors and the Services in Medicare Part B" 

Treatment Tracker

Category 8: Best Entry from a Small Newsroom

Duncan Clark and Robin Houston from Kiln (London, United Kingdom) for "The Past, Present and Future of CO2". 

Past, Present and Future of CO2

Category 9: General Excellence (Jurors' Choice)

Al Jazeera America (United States) for three projects:

1.  Michael Keller for his Individual Portfolio

Michael Keller Ind Portfolio Al Jaz

2. Lam Vo and Rhyne Piggott for "In Between In California" 

In Between in California Al Jaz

3. "Jim Crows Returns" by Jayati Vora.

Jim Crows

Special Citation

Berliner Morgenpost (Germany) for "New and Native Berliners - Who Came, Who Went And Who Lives Here Today" by Julius Troeger.

New and Native Berliners

Category 10: Public Choice

Julien Goetz and Henri Poulain from France Télévisions (une émission de France 4), Paris, for "DATAGUEULE" 




For a list of all the finalists of 2015, go and check out the DJA 2015 Shortlist on the GEN Community website:

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