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Every day brings a new data journalism project. Here are some of our recent favourites:

1) Every active satellite orbiting earth

 Screencap 11

By David Panofsky and Tim Fernholz

There are more than 1,200 active satellites orbiting earth right now, so Quartz took the complete database from the Union of Concerned Scientists to display each one. It’s a concise but beautiful look at incredibly complex data.

Screencap 12

2) Islam in Europe - the gap between perceptions and reality

 Screencap 21

By: Economist data team

In the days after the Paris attacks, this comprehensive static graphic attempted to deal with some of the big questions and the gap between public perceptions and reality. It was done with incredible speed and simplicity to bring some facts to an emotional debate.

3)  What news sources does China block?

 Screencap 31

By Sisi Wei, ProPublica

Ever wondered how the great firewall actually operates? ProPublica has the answer with this live updated guide to which pages are blocked where. It’s all the stronger for being a realtime look at the issue, which gives something new each day.

 Screencap 32

4) What happens when you scrape AirBnB data?

 Screencap 41

By Julie Conti

Data-driven investigation of the rental service’s data from Geneva by Julie Conti, showing that individuals can produce fascinating data journalism.

5) RiseUp revolutions

Screencap 51 

By: Mariana Santos and team, Fusion, including: David Quinones, Adam Auriemma, Simon Ducroquet, Victor Abarca

DJA judge and Mariana Santos’ team at Fusion created this guide to the world’s revolutions. From Syria to the Occupy movement, the interactive guide blends comic book art, data and text to tell the story of a world in uproar.

Screencap 52