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Welcome to the first Data Journalism Awards newsletter! Scroll down to see our pick of the latest data journalism and find out how to enter the Awards. This newsletter is curated by new DJA director, Simon Rogers. You can find out more about him here.
Each month we will send this newsletter with our pick of the latest in data journalism and visualisation.
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Content (March)


Every day brings a new data journalism project. Here are some of our recent favourites:

1. Adding insult to injury: what is a limb worth?


By Michael Grabell, Lena Groeger and Cynthia Cotts, ProPublica

This comprehensive investigation of State-by-State laws took a potentially dry and tricky story and transformed it into a vital human tale, combining deep-dive data investigation with interactive visuals. The investigation realised how employers are paying less insurance and how individual States have cut benefits, combining the data with real individual stories.

2. AirBNB vs Berlin


By: Faculty of Design, University of Potsdam

It is one of the great things about data journalism that, given the right tools, anyone can do it. This project, by students at Potsdam University’s visual storytelling course, goes to illustrate that. The students used the AirBNB API and combined it with open government data to provide a comprehensive examination of every aspect of the accommodation service’s effect on one city and then used a combination of tools to visualise it.

3. Israel: land of coalition government


By The Economist

To explain something complex doesn’t always require an interactive graphic. This look by The Economist’s  team illustrates the complexities of Israeli politics in one long chart where it pays to scroll — and which would work equally well in print as online.

4. Dear Data... 

Stefanie Deardata 07Plusfront

By Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec

Is two data artists communicating in data postcards journalism? Who cares? It’s a fascinating insight into how to see the world in hand-drawn graphics and observations from across the atlantic. And all in beautifully realised visualizations covering their universe in imaginative ways which could feature in any media outlet. It also illustrates how the best data is often the most personal too.

5. A 3D chart that predicts a country’s future


By: Gregor Aisch and Amanda Cox, The Upshot, NYT

It would be possible to fill an entire email with examples of beautiful data viz from the New York Times — but even in that special crowd, this deceptively simple but elegant take on the future of the US economy stands out. Captions guide you through complex economics in an accessible and beautiful way.


The DJA are the only global awards that recognise excellence in data journalism, organised by the Global Editors Network. Winning organisations include The New York TimesThe Guardian, ProPublica and La Nacion. The prizes are worth €1,500 each and will be awarded at a special ceremony during the GEN Summit in Barcelona in June.

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