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Česká Televize Editors Lab

Prototyping the Future of News

05 November 2015 - 06 November 2015

The First Editors Lab in Czech Republic

  • On 5-6 November, GEN and Česká Televize, with the support of Google, gathered the best Czech and Slovakian media innovators in Prague for a two-day competition to develop innovative news prototypes.
  • The Theme was 'Covering the Refugees and Migrants Crisis with Data'
  • The winning team is invited to take part in the Editors Final in Vienna in June 2016

Participating Media

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The Theme: 'Covering the Refugees and Migrants Crisis with Data'

  • How can we use data to better understand the journeys of refugees and migrants through Czech Republic and Slovakia?  
  • How can data shed more light on the economic and social impacts of migrations on these countries?

The participants are free to develop a wide range of formats such as : data visualisations, data-driven investigations, fact-checking analysis, data- driven storytelling, news games, quizzes, etc.

And the Winners are

And The Winners Are

A team of hackers from RTV Slovenska won our first Editors Lab in Prague. Journalists Peter Valovič and Michal Katuška, TV and radio anchor, Zuzana Hanzelova, and developer, Peter Matal, created a webpage to show how much a refugee costs the Slovakian government.

The prototype webpage also illustrated how long a refugee would have to save in order to buy certain products in Slovakia, such as shoes, clothes, a car, a phone, etc. “We then compared how long it would take a refugee to give all these spendings back following successful integration,” explained Zuzana Hanzelova. “We picked several occupations, minimum wage and average wage. According to each income, the webpage’s interactive features show how many years a refugee would have to work in order to return their expenses to the economy.”

The RTV Slovenska hack team’s webpage also compared refugees’ spendings to the annual costs for prison maintenance and healthcare costs for tobacco smokers. The team also wrote an article containing all the facts and comparing refugee costs in Slovakia to several notorious national corruption scandals.

Česká televize with this project, Český rozhlas with this project and KohoVolit.eu with this project received special mentions. 




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