Bengaluru Editors Lab

Why should I participate in Editors Lab?

  • Innovate without the constraints of a conventional work environment
  • Break the barriers between the editorial and technical teams
  • Collaborate between newsrooms
  • Develop lasting innovation within a programme designed to support the implementation of the prototypes. 

How do I enter?

If you haven't received an official invitiation you may email Jayadevan PK Bengaluru Editors Lab project manager, with your interest: jayadevan[at]factordaily.com. 

How much does it cost to enter?

Nothing. Food and drinks will be provided, too. 

I’m at a very large media organisation. Can we have multiple teams?

Space is limited so, you can register two teams, but we may come back to you and ask you to pick your one team if there’s a lot of interest.

Do we have to make a working prototype?

You should try! Obviously you're not going to have a finished product in two days, but try to have some working features. Other features can be mocked up to show the user's journey. You'll be surprised how much you can do in 48 hours.

How will prototypes be judged?

The jury will look at four equally-weighted criteria:

Editorial quality. How innovative is the project? How useful will it be in solving a specific problem?
Design. How user-friendly is the interface? How creative is the design?
Development. How functional is the prototype? What level of technical expertise does this project demonstrate?
Implementation. What is the potential scale of the idea? Is it logistically and technically feasible?

We will also have a People’s Choice award, based on a public vote.

What can we do beforehand?

Think. Research. Investigate possibilities. Truly, sometimes the best ideas happen during a U-turn halfway through the hackathon.

What happens to the final projects?

In the spirit of open data and collaboration, we encourage (but do not requite) that you create open-source tools and share your code on GitHub.

Intellectual property is owned by the teams, not us organisers.

Our hope is that some teams will be inspired to build on what they’ve done and turn their prototypes into real live apps. Each project will also be featured on the GEN Community website.