Clarín Editors Lab

24 September 2014

The Clarín Editors Lab gathered 12 teams from leading news organizations based in Argentina, Uruguay and Peru to develop News Prototypes.

The theme of this edition of the GEN Editors Lab global programme was 'The external debt crisis and the economic recession'. The Editors Lab competitors developed new formats and methods to exploit news-related data and created high quality data visualization formats to explain the length of Argentina´s clash with creditors of its external debt and the impact this has on the economy.

And the winner is...



Gabriel Ciccariello, Martin Viggiano and Marcelo Ferranti, from El Observador (Montevideo, Uruguay) won the first prize with an interactive game called 'Plan your default' in which participants had puzzles based on the Chinese game Tangram. The idea is to fill a figure of a vulture with online pieces that had comparative data of the fight with vulture funds.

The Jury

  • Mariano Blejman, Head of the argentine office of HackHackers and fellow of the Knight Foundation
  • Ricardo Brom, CTO and Member of La Nación Data
  • Dario D'Atri, Clarin´s editor and responsible for Data Journalism, Web TV and digital projects
  • Federico Kirschbaum, CTO of Infobyte Security Research, dedicated to research services and security and privacy


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