5:00 p.m. : The bus leaves the hotel for the CCCB

5:30 p.m. : GEN Welcome

  • Welcoming of participants by the Global Editors Network
  • Presentation of the GEN Editors Lab programme rules

5:45 p.m. : Speed Geeking

  • The Hackdays finalists all present their winning projects from the national Hackdays.

7:15 p.m :The Editors Lab Finalists’ Cocktails

8:30 p.m: The bus leaves for the hotel



9:00 a.m. : The bus leaves the hotel for the CCCB

9:30 a.m. : Let the Hacking begin!

1:30 p.m. : Lunch

5:00 p.m. : Mini pitch session

  • The teams will have 1 minute to :

Announce the title of their projects
Explain what is the problem they want to solve with their project
Explain how they are going to solve it

7:00 p.m. : Hacking or Partying - your choice !

  • The Hackdays finalists can continue hacking at the CCCB until 9:00 p.m.
  • They can also join the GEN Summit participants for Cocktails and Canapés at Hospital San Pau.  

10:00 p.m. : The bus leaves the Hospital San Pau for the hotel. 



8:00 a.m. : The bus leaves the hotel 

8:30 a.m. : Final Hacking sprint

1:30 p.m. : Lunch

4:00 p.m. : Project submission deadline

4:20 p.m. : Pitch session

  • The participants will have 4 minutes to pitch their projects and 1 minute for questions from the jury

6:00 p.m. : End of the pitch session. The participants relax at CCCB.

7:00 p.m. : A bus leaves CCCB for the Data Journalism Awards at Cosmo Caixa

7.30 p.m. : Data Journalism Awards Ceremony

  • During the ceremony, the Editors Lab jury will announce the names of the 3 best teams of the Editors Lab Final. These three teams will pitch on the main stage of the Summit the next day.

11.00 p.m. : The bus leaves CosmoCaixa for the hotel



9:00 a.m. : The bus leaves the hotel for CCCB

9:30 a.m. : The three selected teams rehearse their pitch and the rest of the participants can enjoy the conference

6:00 p.m. :  Editors Lab Ceremony

  • The three best teams pitch on stage

  • The winner is announced

8:30 p.m : Final social event at Fàbrica Moritz

11:00 p.m. : The bus leaves for the hotel