Editors Lab Final 2016

Prototyping the Future of News

14 June 2016 - 17 June 2016

The crowning of the Editors Lab season

Many things have made this Editors Lab season one of the most exciting that GEN has seen so far. As always, talented journalists, designers and developers from every continent have collaborated on high-impact ideas to prototype the future of news. What’s more, this season saw our first-ever Editors Labs in the Asia & Oceania region.

From 15-17 June, winning teams from all corners of the world have gathered in Vienna for the culmination of the fourth season of Editors Lab to compete in a three-day hackathon at the GEN Summit 2016. The Editors Lab Final 2016, supported by Vuze, has gathered eleven fantastic teams representing Argentina, Australia, Austria, China, Finland, Indonesia, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Tunisia and the United States - one of them took home the title of Editors Lab World Champion.


And the winner is...

The team from Tempo, coming from Indonesia, obtained first place with their prototype Green Saviour: Stop the Haze. Inspired by the widespread forest fires that swept through large areas of the Indonesian landscape in 2015, Wahyu Dyatmika, William Rince and Adam Firdaus designed a game aimed at explaining the causes of a forest fire and their possible prevension measures, and showing what is at stake when one of them is inevitably unleashed. The game prompts users to extinguish the forest fires that quickly spring up in different zones of the country, and it seeks to target young city dwellers who may not be very acquainted with the severity of fires in more rural areas of the country.




Coming in second place, the Austrian team from APA created Welfare Simulator, a prototype that corresponds directly with the ongoing debate surrounding the current welfare system that is in place in Austria.


The teams from RTVS (Slovakia) and Caixin Media (China) tied in third place. The prototype developed by RTVS, What Would You Take?, provided an intimate look into the story of refugees who have had to abruptly abandon their homes in war-torn regions. Meanwhile, the team from Caixin Media, developed Think Like a Mayor, a game showcasing the economic, social and political complexities that underlie China's pollution crisis.


The Theme

At the intersection of video games and journalism, lies a rarely explored, yet very promising territory: newsgaming. Newsgames offer compelling journalistic possibilities. By turning news into systems of scenarios and variables, you can allow users to discover the intricacies of complex subjects. By creating a sense of urgency and emotion in players, newsgames connect audiences with the news in an emphatic and memorable way.

The Challenge
This Editors Lab Final will take on this truly collaborative theme that will put your editorial, design and development skills to the test. Your challenge is to develop a newsgame prototype in 48 hours.
Pick a news topic you feel is misunderstood or undercovered. Then build a newsgame that will manage to:

  • Create understanding about complex issues and encourage critical thinking through a compelling gaming experiences
  • Stay true to journalistic standards of ethics and accuracy while creating an immersive gaming experience

The Jury


Cherisse Datu

American University


Évangéline de Bourgoing

Global Editors Network


Lara Setrakian

News Deeply


Latoya Peterson

The Undefeated, ESPN


Maria Ressa


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