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#HackAgainstEbola in Dakar

14 January 2015 - 15 January 2015

The First Editors Lab in Senegal

In partnership with Le Monde Afrique

GEN and OSIWA - Open Society Initiative for West Africa - gathered the best Senagalese media innovators (print, radio, TV, digital-only publications) to develop innovative news prototypes to better cover and prevent epidemics such as Ebola. This event is organized in partnership with UPF - Union Internationale de la Presse Francophone -, Code pour l'Afrique and with the support of Google.

This Editors Lab is the last one of a series of three Editors Lab dedicated to the fight against Ebola.  The first one took place in Ghana, Accra on November 19-20 and the second one was organized in Lagos, Nigeria on November 24-25. 

And the Winner is...


SenStopEbola is an initiative of the Senegal Bloggers Network created after the announcement of the first Ebola case in Senegal, on August 26th 2014. These volunteers have set up a digital communication strategy #SenStopEbola on social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and created a mobile application to inform the public about the EBOLA outbreak.

Following the initiative, this project aims to reach a wider segment of the population via SMS and calls notifications in local languages, integrating with WHO data analysis APO and to make this application a diagnostic, monitoring, alerting and training tool for Health professionals and volunteers.

The Digital Strategy "SenStopEbola" is focused on SMS, WEB & MOBILE with local content. The specificity is that this strategy is duplicable in 48 hours for any other use in the field of health.

All the info about their project here.

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Special mention to DakarActu, with FLOT Contre Ebola, and OuestAf, with ACCESSanté

Audience choice to UPF, with Neutraliser Ebola par le Jeu.

Thanks to our partners: OSIWA, UPF, Code For Africa, Le Monde Afrique and Google.

Participating Media

Agence de Presse Senegalaise 298X152 CESTI 164X155 WADR 498X249 Dakaractu 384X389 LeQuotidienSenegal 293X69 NDARInfo 1600X359 OUESTAF 512X90 PressAfrik 294X91 RTS 148X92 SenStopEbola 348X348 UPF 160X153 URAC 372X167

Our partner : OSIWA


The Speakers


Abdoulaye Kanté


Cheikh Fall

Cheikh Fall

Sunu 2012


Moussa Seydi

Hopital Fann


The Jury


Évangéline de Bourgoing

Global Editors Network


Hawa Ba



Olivier Sagna


What happened at the last #HackAgainstEbolaEditorsLab

  • #HackAgainstEbola in Ghana


    Citi FM, with City Ebola Updates a Mobile Platform that enables people, both educated and uneducated to receive education, information and updates on the status of Ebola in their country in their preferred local language.

    Special mentions to Ebolasniper, the project from GBC, and Ebolatraker, from Graphic.  

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  • #HackAgainstEbola in Nigeria


    Vanguard, with Ebola Go, a multi-platform information hub about Ebola. With Ebola Go, the users can have access to a wide variety of services including a promising mobile phone platform that enables them to get live-saving info in just a few click without internet connection. 

    Special mentions the project from Voice of Nigeria and from the University of Lagos.

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