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GEN Editors Lab in Tel Aviv

08 December 2014 - 09 December 2014

GEN and Google Israel gathered the best Israeli media innovators to develop innovative news prototypes. This Editors Lab theme was : ‘Maps, geolocalisation and storytelling’. Storytelling is changing with new graphic and visual tools, but most journalists have not yet mastered these tools. How can journalists better use maps to visualise data, engage their readers and tell an interactive story?

Participating Media

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And the Winner was...

And the winner was....Haaretz ! With 'Who Cares? One Stop Shop Elections App'

On March 17 2015, Israeli will elect a new parliament. But according to recent polls, 55% of Israelis have no interest in the upcoming elections and almost 30% of them do not for who they are going to vote for.

Haaretz's project aims at providing Israeli voters with an insighful and interactive platfom that will their interest for the elections. The platform will enable the voters to find their polling stations, to get to know better the candidates by following their trail, idea and social activity and to share their impressions after having voted. 

The jury was impressed by Haaretz's project to map the candidates' campaign trails and correlate this data with variables such as previous elections' results or the presence of certain communities in the areas visited. 

Data Journalism is still in its infancy in Israel and this project could set an example for other Israeli Newsrooms to follow. 

You can see the whole presentation here.


Special Mentions

Ynet, with CARToGrapher and Outbrain with InPress received special mentions.

CARTogGrapher is a map visualization of the nearest discount supermarkets with a comparison of their prices for an average shopping cart, and a list of products with their prices relative to the lowest and highest prices found in the different chains. 

InPress is an automated system that extract geolocation info from articles and thus provides readers with geolocalized content recommendations.  

You can see the other projects here


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