On 5-7 April 2019, during the Ibrahim Governance Weekend (IGW), the Global Editors Network  (GEN) and the Mo Ibrahim Foundation (MIF) gathered some of the best African media innovators from Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Senegal, Burundi, and DR Congo in Abidjan, to develop innovative journalism prototypes on the topic of hacking migration reporting

Congratulations to the team from Sahara Reporters (Nigeria) who won with their prototype Africana! Africana is designed to help fight the myth and misinformation of African migration and to provide ample and reliable data around migration to help journalists tell a more balanced story. Also, Sahara Reporters hope that by creating easier access to the people behind African migrant achievements, there would be an increased reportage and the stories of achievement and the data behind it and the fear of “the African migrant” will be reduced.

Moibrahim Saharareporters

Photo by Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

2nd place went to Africa Check, with their prototype "Africa Migrations". The goal is to create a platform to aggregate official statistics & accurate data and make them easily accessible to users. By sharing information about who the migrants are and where they come from, they hope to address misperceptions about African Migrations. 

3rd place went to ESMAÉcole des Specialités Multimédia d'Abidjan, with their prototype "Africa Development". They want to share accurate data and testimonials to encourage the African diaspora youth to return to their countries & invest in the continent.

See all photos here and a video about the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Editors Lab here

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The Theme: Hacking Migration Reporting

How can newsrooms approach the topic of migration in new and innovative ways? How can the latest technology help to better shape the narrative? How can newsrooms better understand and serve the needs of reporting about African migrations and what tools can be useful to highlight this reporting?


Participating Media

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