18 — 19 March

Editors Lab - Al-Masry Al-Youm Hackdays

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18 - 19 March 2014


Hackdays Schedule of Events

First Day 18 March

9:30 am Coffee and Welcome

- Welcoming address to the participants by the host Masry Al-Youm, EMDP and GEN.

- Presentation of the teams.

- Rules of the GEN Editors Lab programme (local Hackdays and final Hackathon)

- Presentation of the topic: 'Traffic in Cairo, rethinking ways to create up-to-date and user-friendly traffic maps and making effective use of real-time crowdsourcing in order to help drivers find the fastest routes.'

10:30 am First Masterclass

- Speaker: Ramy Kandil, Public Relations Executive in Google Egypt & North Africa.

- Topic: Mapping out your story: Mapping tools for journalists

- Format : 20 min speech. 10 min questions.

11:00 am First Working Session in Team

- Brainstorming about the topic.

- Objective: come up with several apps, digital/editorial products ideas.

1:00 pm Working Lunch

2:00 pm Second Masterclass

Speaker: Representative, Cairo Traffic Department, Ministry of the Interior (tbd)

2:45 pm Second Working Session

Each team works separately on the idea they selected and produces guidelines for several sections:

  • General pitch of the app
  • Technical /IT aspects
  • Design/graphics aspects
  • Development/production planning
  • Interactivity

4:30 pm First mini-pitch sessions/Coffee break 

The teams have one minute to pitch their projects. Debrief and trouble-shooting. 

5:00 pm Third Working Session

Last working sprint of the day for the teams.

6:00 pm Debriefing of the day, Cocktail / Networking



Second Day 19 March

9:00 am Coffee

9:30 First Working Session

The teams carry on the development of their prototypes and guidelines/specs.

11:30 am Debriefing of the morning session / Second Mini-Pitch Session 

During 1 minute, the teams will have to :

  • Announce the title of their projects
  • Explain what is the problem they want to solve with their projects
  • Explain how they are going to solve it

12:30 pm Working Lunch

1:30 pm Final developments, work on the presentation/pitch

  • The developer works on IT / development issues and the designer must produce some finalpages (mock-up).
  • The teams work on the presentation of their idea for the final conference. A powerpoint presentation of about 10 slides in length will demonstrate mockups of the app, the first designand graphic ideas, and if possible first steps for development.

4:00 pm Hackdays Final Deadline!

The teams stop the work on their projects, and must have submitted their entry online and transferred their presentation (PPT, link to demo) to the jury.

4:30 pm The Editors Lab Final Pitches

7 minute max per team. The teams will have 5 minutes to pitch their projects. 1 or 2 questions from jury. 1 minute max to answer each question.

This session will be open to media journalists and media experts or schools of journalism.

5:45 pm Hackdays Jury Deliberation

6:15 pm Winners announced! Final cocktail

The Jury announces the winning team, who will be invited to the final two-day Editors Lab Hackathon in Barcelona (June 11 — 13 2014 at the annual GEN Summit).