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#EditorsLab BBC#newsHACK Glasgow&Dublin

01 May 2014 - 02 May 2014

On 1 & 2 May, BBC and GEN gathered the best media innovators in Glasgow & Dublin

Participating Media

bbcsquare STV FT TheDrum Wall-Street-Journal TheTimes Storyful SkyNews TheIndependant QMUL Newswhip HuJo Westminster Trinity Dundee VBot

And the winner was...


Know it All, the project from The Times, won in Dublin. It tracks what readers have read on a particular topic and makes recommendations on how to improve their 'Knowledge'. You can learn more about it here.



BlindSpot, the project from The FT, won Glasgow . They describe it as a way to 'filter out the articles that you are bound to see because the people you follow will already have shared it and introduce you to the stories that make you nudge the person sitting next to you and say, "Hey, did you know…?". You can learn more about it here.





  • 'Connecting the News': Hujo-Insight (Dublin)
  • 'Explaining the news': BBC Location Service (Dublin)
  • 'Tools for Journalists': The Independent (Dublin)
  • 'Theming the news': Sky News (Dublin)
  • Special award 'Newscrack award': The Wall Street Journal (Glasgow) and University of the West of Scotland (Glasgow)
  • Special award 'Visually inspired': Best UX goes to BBC Archive (Dublin)

You can see all the projects here


The overarching theme of the event was “The future of news curation”, which focusses on the challenge of how news organisations cope with the editorial challenges and opportunities presented by data in the newsroom, and provide the richest possible experience for audiences across devices and modes of consumption.

This included, but was not limited to, these categories:

1. Context for the News - Prototype a News experience that provides users with the "back story": explainers, key information, archive content, "why this is in the News", etc. Look for connections, content and design devices that address a varying knowledge of key concepts in each story.

2. Connecting the News - Prototype a News experience that provides serendipitous, surprising and relevant journeys across the News, and one that encourages discovery and sharing. Look for ways to pique audience interests, to tap into social media habits, and support consumption across devices.

3. Theming the News with "Story types" - Prototype a novel approach to story groupings. Linked data topics are useful and well understood, so how might we use "Story types" to group stories and provide further personalisation capability? For example, there are possibilities in sentiment-driven, or "narrative type" groupings - e.g. "about unlikely heroines", "with famous victims", "with humourous elements" - that we could use in combination with Topics.



Thursday, 1st May (Day 1) – Running Order

  • 9.30am Registration, Coffee and meet the teams
  • 10.00am Welcome & health & safety.
  • 10.10am Opening Keynote, and pointing to key info & resources.
    We’ll introduce you to our APIs and show you where to find things.
  • 10.30am Hacking begins!
  • 11.00am – 12:00am “Speaker’s corner” masterclass sessions
    Experts (including sponsors) will be running sessions in breakout areas to provide inspiration.
  • 10:45pm Roaming Expert groups start visiting teams
    UX,  audience and technical & data experts will be roaming  between the teams providing assistance and support.
  • 1:00pm Lunch
    After lunch we’ll leave you alone for the afternoon to get on with hacking!
  • 6.00pm Standup
    We’ll go round the teams and get a quick 30 second overview of your ideas.
  • 8:00pm Close down for the night
    You’re welcome to join us for drinks and dinner!


Friday, 2nd May (Day 2) – Running Order

  • 9.00am Hacking starts again
    UX,  audience and technical & data experts will be roaming  between the teams providing assistance and support.
  • 1.00pm Lunch
  • 1.30pm Register your hack
  • 2.30pm “How to Pitch” session
  • A workshop on how to introduce your idea and deliver your working demo, whilst wowing the crowd and not overrunning your time allocation.
  • 3.30pm Hacking deadline!
    By 3.30pm all teams should have submitted their presentation/demo to the jury.
  • 4.00pm Presentations begin
    We’ll be doing a live linkup between Dublin and Glasgow for the presentations.
    All teams will be present a 2 minute pitch – including working demo – in front of the jury, journalists and media experts.
  • 6.00pm Jury deliberation
    The jury will retire to decide their verdict.
  • 7.00pm Winners announced, followed by cocktails
    There will be prizes for entires in a range of categories after which the jury will announce the winning team in each location, who will all be invited to the final 2 day International Hackathon in Barcelona.