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La Repubblica wins place in Barcelona


05 October 2013 - 06 October 2013

And the winner is ...

The jury declared La Repubblica winner of these first Italian Editors Lab hackdays for their project "Politeen", which is designed to engage teenagers in politics.

Alessio Sgherza, journalist at La Repubblica: “We want to break the barriers between teenagers and politics giving them at least two quizzes a day, one about politicians' faces ("Do you recognize him?"), the other about politicians' quotation ("Whose quote is that?"). It was a really interesting event, and it allowed us to develop a project we would never have done otherwise!


The Wired Italy team got a special mention by the jury for their project "My Politics", for the ambition and the elegance of their idea to map the users’ political imprinting.

Participating teams

L'Espresso, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, Fatto Quotidiano, Wired Italia, FormicaBlu and Effecinque


'I was blown away by all the presentations tonight. I've seen a few of the GEN hackdays, and I think it is fair to say that the standards have gone ever upwards.'

Peter Barron, Head of External Relations, EMEA, at Google.


'The real disruption at #editorslab: journalists, designers and developers working together, side by side. One does not witness this very often, and I think this is the future of media innovation.'

Sergio Maistrello, Independent Journalist


Masterclass speakers

Nicholas Whitaker Speaker

Nicholas Whitaker


Sergio Maistrello

Sergio Maistrello

Vanessa Schneider (1)

Vanessa Schneider



Jury Members


Antoine Laurent

ICFJ international Knight Fellow

Michele Mezza

Michele Mezza


Sergio Maistrello

Sergio Maistrello