The Huffington Post and Change.org Editors Lab

Prototyping the Future of News

08 April 2016 - 09 April 2016

Impact Journalism in New York

On April 8-9 2016, the Global Editors Network (GEN), The Huffington Post and Change.org gathered the best media innovators in New York for a two-day Editors Lab focused on developing innovative news prototypes.

The theme revolved around the concept of "Impact Journalism". How can news organizations develop innovative and interactive ways to create impact by connecting audiences with issues they care about?

The team from Mic.com won with their prototype Offsite. The projects by The New York Times (Involve.me) and The Huffington Post (Pick4) won special mentions from the jury. The audience's favorite project was BuzzFeed's Otus.

Read more about Mic's prototype in Poynter2

Participating Media

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The Jury

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Editors Lab Prototypes


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