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Here are few of the highlights of the GEN Summit for those of you that missed it:

Keynote Speakers:
Seymour Hersh, Andy Carvin (First Look Media), Wolfgang Blau (The Guardian), Paul Smurl (New York Times), Amy Webb (Webbmedia), Tom Standage (The Economist), Emily Bell (Columbia J. School) and Ferran Adrià, Bulli Lab... See more speakers

Main Sessions:

  • Robot Journalism Bootcamp
  • Are journalists shy, incompetent, lazy or manipulated?
  • From mass media to mass surveillance? Freedom of expression in the digital age
  • How to reshape your newsroom around live reporting and video sharing
  • Are Journalists becoming journalysts?
  • Media Metrics and Media Social Impact

PBS MediaShift wrote an article on the highlights of the Summit: you can read it here

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