Thursday 18 June

"Making Mobile and Social Work Together"

presentation by Samantha Barry (CNN)

"Smartwear & Media: What I learned from working with top manufacturers"

presentation by Gilles Raymond (News Republic)


"2015 Reuters Institute Digital News Report: Essential Data on the Future of News"

presentation by Nic Newman and David Levy (Reuters Institute)

"Live Streaming and News: What is the Impact on Your Newsroom?"

presentation by Lippe Oosterhof (Livestation)

"Inside Al Jazeera: Operations of a Global Media Network"

presentation by Imad Musa (Al Jazeera English Channel) 


"The Top 5 of the Data-Driven Newsroom"

presentation by Haile Owusu (Mashable)


 presentation by Frédéric Filloux (Monday Note)

"What Cross-Border Collaboration Can Bring to Investigative Journalism"

presentation by Peter Bale (Center for Public Integrity)

and Rachel Oldroyd (Bureau of Investigative Journalism)