GEN Summit 2015 : The Essentials on Video on Demand

During the last GEN Summit in Spain (17-19 June 2015), over 600 delegates enjoyed keynotes, bootcamp and panel sessions and speeches from renowned speakers and world experts gathered to "prototype the future of news" and came up with ideas and tools for journalists and editors. This year, a selection of 11 sessions and addresses is available on ​our new video-on-demand portal.

If you weren't able to come to Barcelona, this is your chance to experience the conference and debates on replay. You'll find the best advice from industry experts and the latest in journalism innovation right here.

Access the VOD portal

The first seven videos can be viewed for the price of €49 each. The full pack of seven is available for €290. The final four are free to watch; they feature speeches and the Data Journalism Awards Ceremony posted immediately following the GEN Summit. If you were a participant to the GEN Summit 2015, access to the portal is included in your ticket; you will receive an email message with a special link to access the portal free of charge. 

The 11 videos are:

1. Wearable News Beyond the Gadgets
Duration: 39 mins 50 secs

Robert Hernandez, Assistant Professor, USC Annenberg (and ONA Board Member)
David Sancha, Managing Director, Xalok
Louis Jebb, Founder and Chief Executive, Immersivly


2. VR Journalism and Immersive Storytelling  
Duration: 40 mins 23 secs

Nonny de la Peña, Emblematic Group CEO & USC School of Cinematic Arts Annenberg Fellow 
Mel Slater, Director of the Event Lab, University of Barcelona 
Moderator: Roman Gallo, CEO, Gallo Multimedia 


3. Making Mobile and Social Work together
Duration: 21 mins 55 secs

Keynote Dialogue: Samantha Barry, Head of Social Media and Senior Director of Strategy, CNN,
Anne-Marie Tomchak, Reporter and Presenter on BBC Trending 

4. The Top 5 of the Data-Driven Newsroom
16 mins 13 secs

Frederic Filloux, Monday Note Editor and former Head of Digital, Les Echos
Haile Owusu, Chief Data Scientist, Mashable
Moderator: Noemi Ramirez, Chief Digital Officer at El País


5. Building the Best Data Journalism Team for your Newsroom
Duration: 21 mins 45 secs

Simon Rogers, Director of the Data Journalism Awards 2015
Shazna Nessa, Director, Journalism, Knight Foundation
Mohammed Haddad, Data Editor, Al Jazeera 
Antoine Laurent, Strategist, Code for Africa
Moderator: Daniela Kraus, Managing Director, Forum Journalismus und Medien, Austria

6. Hyperlocal News: The Come-Back
Duration: 22 mins 30 secs

Tarek Atia, Publisher, Mantiqti, Egypt
Julie Costes, Director, Paid-for Digital Services, Le Parisien, France
Jim Brady, CEO & Founder, Billy Penn, USA
Moderator: Marie Gilot, Media Innovation Associate, Knight Foundation

7. Why and How Editors and Foundations can Work Hand in Hand
Duration: 17 mins 42 secs

Michael Bolden, Editorial Director, Knight Foundation
María-Teresa Ronderos, Director, Programme on independent journalism, Open Society Foundations
Miguel Castro, Strategic Partnerships, Communications, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Moderator: Christophe Deloire, Secretary General, Reporters without Borders 


8. Introducing the new Google Trends
Duration: 32 mins 39 secs

Steve Grove, Director, News Lab at Google  
Simon Rogers, Data Editor, Google  
Danielle Bowers, Trends and Data Manager, Google  
Roni Rabin, Software Engineer, Google Trends 
Lisa Seaman, Product Manager, Google Trends


9. Reuters Institute Digital News Report
Duration: 19 mins 18 secs

David Levy, Director, Reuters Institute
Nic Newman, Research Associate, Reuters Institute  
Moderator: Tom Kent, Standard Editor, Associated Press


10. Data Journalism Awards Ceremony 
Duration: 50 mins 7 secs

Simon Rogers, DJA 2015 Director
Paul Steiger, President of the DJA 2015 Jury
Minter Dial, President, The Myndset Company
Winners of the Data Journalism Awards 2015

11. Keynote Speech: What can Google still bring to the Future of News?
Duration: 12 mins 29 secs

David Drummond, Senior Vice-President, Google