Virtual Reality

How to immerse your newsroom in VR

Lessons from GEN Summit’s bootcamp

The hype around virtual reality has been steadily growing over the last number of years — and journalism looks set to take on this disruptive technology before it hits the mainstream. But how will wearable news work (where the viewer wears electronic goggles), and how much attention should newsrooms pay to the platform?


“For the first time in the history of storytelling, [VR] gives us the power to place the viewer in the middle of a story,” Alina Mikhaleva, RT’s director of strategic development, told delegates at the GEN Summit in Vienna.

VR is fundamentally different” to other disruptive technologies, Ms Mikhaleva said. “It is a different planet. It is by far the most powerful new medium [for journalists]” because it “places the power back in the hands of the professionals”.

The rules of immersive journalism

Zillah Watson, the BBC’s editor of R&D internet and future services, wants to capture the excitement of other VR experiences and apply it to news content. But there are a number of challenges that the technology currently faces…

Virtual Reality for newsrooms

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  • On immersive journalism

    Virtual reality was one of the big topics at this year’s GEN Summit — even Mozart has got his goggles on. And attendees will get the chance to explore the possibilities of immersive journalism at the VR Studio.

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