Global Council to Build Trust in Media and Fight Misinformation

Newsrooms of the world unite!

On 12 April, the Global Editors Network (GEN), Ethical Journalism Network, European Broadcasting Union, Global Forum for Media Development, the World Editors Forum within the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) and the Online News Association announced the launch of a Global Council to build trust in media and fight misinformation. 

These organisations represent hundreds of broadcasters and publishers across the globe and they will unite on this single issue to facilitate and action realistic, practical and workable solutions to the build trust in media and fight misinformation.

Our Mission

Trust in media and the fight against misinformation is a global problem that requires a global solution; it can never be solved within one region alone, or just by the richest newsrooms.

The industry needs to come together around the core issues of information sharing, innovation, collaboration and co-ordination of initiatives and ownership of our own narrative in the wider ecosystem.  

The repository

The first action of the Council is to work together on a repository of resources and map initiatives from across the industry to better inform the global journalism community of ongoing efforts regardless of size funding or location. This repository will be added to through the strong networks and memberships of the founding Council members as well as public submissions.

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