A 6-month Climate Change Immersive Story Accelerator

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The European Forest Institute and the Global Editors Network are joining forces to launch Lookout360° which supports journalists produce 360-degree videos on the impacts of climate change on people’s lives.


The European Forest Institute (EFI) is an independent international science organisation which generates, connects and shares knowledge at the interface between science and policy. EFI has 27 member countries who have ratified the Convention, and 115 member organisations in 37 countries, working in diverse research fields.

The Global Editors Network (GEN) is committed to sustainable journalism, empowering newsrooms and media innovators through a variety of programmes designed to inspire, connect and share. The organisation is a community of more than 1300 Editors-in-Chief and media professionals from all platforms. It is a non-profit, non-governmental association.

About the programme

What is it?

The Climate Change Immersive Story Accelerator is a new 6-month media support programme for journalists who are eager to get started with producing immersive stories on climate change. As a pilot project, the European Forest Institute and the Global Editors Network are launching its very first edition called Lookout360° that focuses on 360-degree video storytelling.

Why are we doing this?

We’ve spoken to 50+ journalists and scientists across the world to understand how they see storytelling around climate change in the digital environment. We discovered that there is a lot of excitement around videos among journalism and science communities, especially immersive storytelling such as 360-degree video, drones, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc. Although that’s the case, journalists are challenged with mastering the digital skills or rarely get a chance to experiment with new formats. On the other end of the spectrum, many scientists indicated serious concerns in how media are covering the topic, and especially how accuracy is ensured in digital space.

This is the reason why we are combining immersive storytelling on one hand, and scientific knowledge on the other in our initiative so that journalists get an opportunity to tackle both challenges at the same time.

A ​Pocket Field Guide​: 360° Video Storytelling

The learnings from Lookout360° are shared through a free 22-page "A Pocket Field Guide: 360 Video Storytelling - For Editors & Newsroom Managers" authored by Jean-Yves and Carole Chainon, the trainers of the Accelerator.


How does it work?

There are three components offered in this programme:


A total of 10 journalists and producers working for 10 different media houses based in Europe and beyond will be invited to a bootcamp that offers a training on climate change storytelling, as well as a crash course on 360° video filming and post-production. To offer a unique first-hand experience in producing a story focusing on how the local communities are being affected by climate change, the in-field bootcamp will take place in the north of Finland, where the Sami people, the only indigenous communities in Europe, live.


After the in-field bootcamp, the programme gathers scientists and 360-degree video experts to support the participants in developing, iterating and publishing a story within a 3-month period. The participants will have an opportunity to connect with different experts from both science and immersive journalism communities.


The selection of the final projects will be showcased at the GEN Summit in Lisbon on 30 May – 1 June 2018, both on the conference main stage and in the GEN Dome, an immersive storytelling-focused exhibition.


  • Training on 360-degree video production, post-production and newsroom implementation
  • Opportunity to learn on how to cover climate change with a scientific mindset
  • Mentorship support by 360-degree video experts after the field trip to get you started
  • A 360-degree video camera to bring back to your newsroom (model TBA)
  • Chance to get your final work showcased in front of hundreds of editors at the GEN Summit 2018 
  • A story to take away from the field-trip in Lapland


  • You are a journalist or producer who has (near to) zero experience with 360-video storytelling
  • You are committed to publish at least one 360-degree video before the GEN 2018 Summit
  • You cover climate change-related topics, including human stories
  • You are excited about immersive storytelling, but need support to get started
  • You would be able to travel to Ivalo, Finland, on 1-2 February 2018
  • You can travel on foot and are ready for the challenge of being in cold weather (down to -35°C!)
  • You are able to cover local transport costs and expenses outside of the bootcamp days
  • You are able to communicate well and follow the crash course in English
  • Your newsroom editor/manager agrees to the above and can articulate how they will support
  • You are committed to publish at least one 360-degree video before the GEN 2018 Summit

Selection Criteria

Your commitment:

Participant must be able to commit to to fully take part in the programme, including the bootcamp in Lapland and mentorship sessions (4x30 min online sessions during February - May 2018).

Minimum one video:

Newsroom/editorial team must be able to support the publication of at least one video before the GEN 2018 Summit, with a reference to Lookout360° in the credit of the published video. Additional support from newsrooms is ideal but not required. Our programme will equip the participants to be able to cover the entire process of filming, production and publishing directly to the social channels such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Your location:

We are working with limited budget to cover logistic costs; that’s why our primary focus is Europe-based participants. Are you based outside of Europe? Please apply nevertheless - we may find a solution to get you join the initiative.


  • 15 November 2017 — Call for application launches
  • 18 December 2017 — Call for application closes
  • 18 December 2017 - 9 January 2018— Selection period
  • 10 February 2018 — Selected media to be announced
  • 1 February – 2 February 2018 — In-field bootcamp in Finland
  • March – May 2018 — Production period with mentorship support
  • 30 May – 1 June 2018 — Project showcase at the GEN Summit in Lisbon

Application form


Jean-Yves Chainon

Jean YvesDirector of AR, VR & 360 Video at the Global Editors Network, photographer and filmmaker, Jean-Yves Chainon has also served as a VR/360 Producer at The New York Times and his work has been featured in publications such as The Washington Post and AJ+. He is also the CEO of JYC, an augmented and virtual reality production studio. He graduated from Brown University and has previously served on a one-year contract working on Google Ads and as a social media and digital news specialist for the US State Department.

His work

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Inside One of Houston's Improvised Shelters
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Carole Chainon

CaroleCarole Chainon is a VR Producer at the Global Editors Network and also the COO of JYC, an augmented reality, virtual reality and 360 video production studio. Her work has been featured in publications such as Discovery‘s VR affiliate Seeker and AJ+, and showcased by Samsung VR and the Newseum. She’s helped with the production of the GEN Summit, VR Studio, and to manage GEN's VR Study Tours. Carole also has an MBA.

Her work

Explore Patagonia's Disappearing Glaciers
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