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Our Interview with Dift.co

Dift.co Content

Dift.co is an independent digital studio that specializes in developing solutions for media companies by focusing on gamification. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and founded by technologists, marketing strategists, designers and media specialists, our team is bound by one common factor that defines our work: they all serve a purpose and encourage a clear action.


Diftco Team

The Dift.co team


What problem are you solving?

The relation that binds radio stations with their audiences remains strong. However, as the context that englobes its listeners has evolved, many stations have failed to keep updated while others rely on suboptimal tools to foster interactions with their respective audiences.

With a strong focus on gamification, Dift Radio Solutions tackles three problems that are currently faced by most radio stations:

  • Content Generation: More demanding audiences are forcing radio shows to struggle in generating high-quality content on an continuous basis.

  • Content Management: The lack of specialized tools for radio stations is driving them to rely on platforms which aren’t designed to interact with big audiences, such as instant messaging platforms (eg: WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.).

  • Content Monetization: Regardless of the audience size, most radios do not offer a channel to listen or watch their shows in real-time from a mobile device, and this drives valuable users to other platforms that ultimately monetize them (eg: TuneIn).




Describe your solution to the problem above.

Based on top-performing video formats and key learnings from Ingame’s performance (a mobile gamification tool), we developed Dift Radio Solutions: a modular framework that provides radio stations with a modern and straightforward channel to interact with their audiences by applying game mechanics.

For example, through Vorterix’s app for Android and iOS, the station can broadcast its shows and also send missions to their audiences.

Missions can be sent instantly and may vary from answering trivias or surveys, uploading audios and photos, or even rating material that other users have shared. This enables the possibility of engaging with listeners while generating and testing content at a low cost.

Users may earn points as they complete missions. More points per user are equivalent to higher engagement, more and better content generation and a smarter audience segmentation. This last concept enables radio stations to take smarter decisions, such as giving prizes to listeners that actually deserve them or optimizing advertising strategies by knowing their audiences better.


List three reasons why you are better than your competitors.

Dift Radio Solutions is characterised by three competitive advantages:

  • Gamification Engine: The user’s actions are rewarded through intrinsic motivators (e.g. points and badges) to foster engagement and progress.

  • Modularity: As different stations may require different solutions, Dift.co offers a differential pricing strategy that scales from basic audio streaming to an integrated gamification engine.

  • Development Speed: Though ad-hoc features may be added to the request of any client, Dift offers White Label development alternatives to optimize delivery times. 



Mario Pergolini streaming his radio show through Vorterix’s mobile app.


How does your company make money?

Dift.co’s business model is based on working alongside media companies by developing technological solutions to tackle current problems and seize potential opportunities. Our offerings can be summarised in three pillars:

  1. Strategy [Research / Analytics /Planning]
  2. Design [User Experience / Systematic Design / Brand Identity]
  3. Technology [Platform Development / Application Programming /Quality Assurance]


What are your next steps? Future developments or features to be added to your product?

  • Deploy the release of additional mobile apps and websites for five Argentine radio stations: Pop’ FM 101.5, ‘Mega’ FM 98.3, ‘One’ FM 103.7, ‘Vale’ FM 97.5 and ‘Radio’ 10 AM 710.

  • Adapt and apply key learnings to the digital strategy of an Argentine newspaper and a TV news channel (work in progress).

  • Expand geographically by working with our first partners from outside the country.



User-generated content dashboard



Dossier Editorial. Vorterix lanzó su nueva aplicación para smartphones.