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Our Interview with Eureka King

Eureka King Content

Eureka King is a data-driven platform that seamlessly plugs into a website or mobile app, to enable the business to capture more value from their online traffic, by delivering personalized and actionable experiences to each customer.

It is our mission to help businesses manage and monetize their online traffic.



Eureka King co-founders: Arjun Mohan (CEO), Dmitri Tcherbadji (CTO) and Ishtiaq Rahman (President).


What problem are you solving?

In 2015, companies spent $51 BN to drive traffic to their websites. However, less than 5% of traffic yielded revenue for businesses. Businesses are finding it difficult to cultivate a core audience from their online traffic that yields real revenue.


Describe your solution to the problem above.

Eureka King’s Audience Profiler enables a business to quickly target customers based on a combination of parameters such as “New Member FROM Facebook ON Mobile IN New York” and test personalized messages at key points in the customer lifecycle.  


EK Audience Profiler001

Eureka King's Audience Profiler


The business tracks and optimizes the conversion campaigns through personalized dashboards and reports. Eureka King enables businesses to quickly run experiments and determine optimal messaging, design and timing for converting more customers. 


EK Dashboard 2

Eureka King's Dashboard


Eureka King offers two products. On one hand, the Engage Product enables a business to target specific user groups such as New Members vs. Members who used a specific feature, to guide them through the website and display relevant FAQs.



Engage Product Sample: AP Newsroom Portal (adaptive product guide for developing core users)


On the other hand, the Conversion Product enables a business to engage customers at the point of purchase intent. The business can prompt customers with special offers to optimize conversion. 



Conversion Product Sample: Online Learning Enterprises (upsell customers with a membership package)


List three reasons why you are better than your competitors.

  • Launch and test campaigns without technical, design or analytical work (end-to-end platform).
  • Customize calls-to-action based on specific needs, such as signups, e-commerce transactions and personal messages (modular architecture).
  • Integrate with third-party business applications such as ESPs, CRMs and analytics platforms to optimize performance (API support).


How does your company make money?

SaaS Membership Fees based on the number of unique viewers and personalized User Experiences.


What are your next steps? Future developments or features to be added to your product?

Eureka King members receive bespoke visual designs crafted by a team of web conversion experts, but we are in the process of automating the optimization of visuals and messaging for higher conversions.


Press and Media

Google, New York Presentation: Matter Four Demo Day in New York City.

Nieman Lab. Media accelerator Matter tries to connect an entrepeneurial ethos to traditional media companies.

Referenced in "The New Rules of Paid Content" (Yale University Course).