Startups for News 2016

Our Interview with Eyethere

Eyethere Content

Eyethere is a P2P platform enabling you to create short-form video requests, on demand, and receive specific and personalised content from a pool of crowdsourced video shooters, within a specified deadline. After first forming an engaged community of video Requesters and Shooters, Eyethere will act as an on-demand resource for global media organisations to tap into for User Generated Content at the scene of breaking news or scheduled events. Our flexible design enables users to toggle within the app to either Shoot or Request video.



Eyethere co-founders: Sunny Pal, Ángel Ortiz and Oliver Good.


What problem are you solving?

When news breaks, newsrooms don't always have people on the ground to capture footage as it happens. Alternatively, one or two sources are used by multiple news organisations and there is often a lack of unique content available in the first few minutes/hours of a story. Real time and unique visually engaging content is becoming a major focus for news organisations and Eyethere seeks to help satisfy this demand. 

For scheduled known events such as festivals, protests or elections, User Generated Content is fast becoming a way for viewers to engage more deeply with the media they are consuming and the organisations providing it.

Describe your solution to the problem above.

Breaking news, by its very nature, is unpredictable in terms of timing, frequency and location. Through our regularly engaged community using the app for urban mobility and discovery purposes, Eyethere is well placed to cater to media organisations and the unpredictable nature of breaking news. All video shooters are star-rated so that media companies can ensure a good level of content quality by filtering out those who fall below acceptable standards. 



Requesters can easily specify a task, deadline and location. A simple token system is used where each request costs 1 token and Shooters in the vicinity are instantly notified.


Part of our strategy will involve targeted marketing in areas of breaking news and scheduled events to drive downloads, but as a UGC-focused platform, we plan to use the users' own content to create videos to drive a more organic user acquisition.

List three reasons why you are better than your competitors.

Openness, Greater Scalability, Better Engagement.
Unlike some other platforms in the UGC/breaking news space, Eyethere is designed to be more open, with greater potential scale and daily engagement, not just when news happens and not just for mobile journalists. Therefore, when an event does occur, we will have the quickest and most widely located videographers available. 
Our competitors are reliant on news events occurring sporadically to drive engagement, and so it is likely only dedicated video journalists and enthusiasts will stay engaged. While this is great, we feel this throws up regular engagement issues and limits the scope of the potential userbase thus impacting scale and the variety of content providers locations. We ask the question, "How often does a significant news event unfold in your area?" Eyethere seeks to be the first truly open and engaging community-powered UGC on-demand platform. 



Shooters can earn a token by uploading a video to the platform for Requesters to view.


How does your company make money?

Eyethere operates a freemium service for users to shoot or request video for finding out what is going on in the world around them. Our approach for our community is to monetise with in-app purchases such as removal of digital watermarks, IP rights, charge to request longer-form videos, and charge people who only request videos and don't shoot them for the community. We also have some plans for basic gamification.

When our community is sufficient in size to be of a real use for media, we will charge news organisations on a per-video basis for our desktop professional platform access. The platform will take a commission and the video Shooter will get paid.



The platform allows Shooters to easily search for nearby jobs and be notified when new ones are requested in their area. In turn, jobs can be rate according to content quality as to ensure user reliability.


What are your next steps? Future developments or features to be added to your product?

We seek to develop our product further, adding features, adding a payment gateway, refining UX/UI, adding "themes" and in Summer 2016, rolling out on the Android platform. H2-2016 will see the release of our Professional desktop platform and we plan to release Eyethere L!ve going forward for live event streaming on-demand. With live, however, there are still issues with mobile data consumption and stream reliability in outdoor areas away from wifi connectivity. 
We also seek partnerships with media organisations globally and other startups in the video/news space.