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Our Interview with Flying Content

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People walk, drive, and travel. As we do this, the context around us changes -- and so should our content, including the news. Flying Content creates and delivers location-aware information to today’s reader through mobile phones, wearables and smart cars. The right information, at the right place, at the right time. 


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Flying Content's Founder, Eduardo Acquarone.


 What problem are you solving?

For the consumer: It is harder and harder to find content because so much is produced. If you add location to the equation, it is easier to receive the right content at the right time.

For content producers: A more focused way to distribute their product -- specific targets create higher targeted ads and thus longer life for content.   


Describe your solution to the problem above.

For the consumer: Build a solution that allows end-users to easily curate and aggregate location-aware content from across the web, apps and publications.

For content producers: Build a platform that easily aggregates and repurposes content from multiple CMS and that enables editors to input location information in no time.


List three reasons why you are better than your competitors.

I have worked as a journalist for the past twenty years, both in Brazil and abroad, dealing with several types of content and companies. I have also led plenty of large-scale projects, like Globo Amazônia. In 2008, people in Brazil could track the destruction of the Amazon forest in real-time and protest against it using a social media app. Globo Amazônia was a huge success, even by today's standards: more than 55 million protests and the project was nominated for a Digital Emmy. If millions care about fires in the Amazon… imagine how much they care about what's going on around them!  


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Eduardo Acquarone presenting Flying Content during Demo Week at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.


How does your company make money?

Platform: Automated solution to quickly geotag a client's content directly from their CMS. Revenues come from charging the partner to use the tool or from a split in advertising fees (location-aware content can carry higher valuable advertising because it will be better targeted).

Branded content: We can also function as a studio, helping media partners and clients to create special projects that involve location.


What are your next steps? Future developments or features to be added to your product?

  • Build content for Facebook's Beacon project.
  • Develop features for Uber's Trip Experiences.
  • Develop a project for indoor locations that complies with new phones like the Google-Lenovo Tango.



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