Startups for News 2016

Our Interview with Lemmeno

Lemmeno Content

Lemmeno elevates online content sharing to an interactive and engaging experience - increasing virality and providing publishers with robust insights, which were otherwise obscure, to sharing behavior on all messaging and social platforms. This helps in identifying influencers and enabling content optimisation.



Lemmeno's founding team.


What problem are you solving?

The amount of content being created is growing exponentially and it is becoming increasingly difficult to grab the customer's attention. Content creators work tirelessly to make their content interesting and unique by pouring their efforts into distribution on social networks. However, recent research shows that 69% of all shares are done via private messaging, reducing all their unique content and creative efforts to a plain text link or at most, a thumbnail. This leaves content creators struggling to surface their content or analyse sharing behavior on messaging platforms and disconnects them from the journey their content takes once it is published, making it hard to understand who their users are and how to optimise future content for them.

Describe your solution to the problem above.

Lemmeno is a powerful engagement and analytics solution, offering content creators an interactive “share widget”, enabling them to receive insights and comprehensive breakdowns of how their content is shared on all messaging and social platforms. By integrating the widget, Lemmeno helps publishers harness the customer’s voice by making content more immersive and relevant. Users can personalise content before sharing it by highlighting their favorite parts, “doodling” and even chatting from within the content. This ultimately makes their personalised content stand out from the rest.

Lemmeno's widget offers a seamless integration and advanced analytics dashboard, which helps publishers to identify influencers, optimise their content and improve distribution on messaging and social platforms.



Lemmeno's analytics dashboard.


List three reasons why you are better than your competitors.

  • Lemmeno offers a more creative and personalised sharing experience than what is currently available. No matter how interesting or relevant the content is, it is currently being shared as a generic link. Lemmeno is looking to improve this experience, letting users express themselves and their views, thus becoming an integral part of the story when sharing it.
  • Lemmeno provides content creators with valuable insights in real-time, which are based on the type of interactions and sentiments that users express as part of the sharing experience.
  • Lemmeno was designed specifically for content creators, to serve their needs of audience engagement, making their content more shareable and providing crucial insights to help them continuously improve and optimise content for their unique audience.





How does your company make money?

Lemmeno will offer content creators monthly plans based on traffic and usage, with optional value-added professional services. As we grow, we will offer integration models with brands.  

What are your next steps? Future developments or features to be added to your product?

Lemmeno is planning to continue innovating in ways that allow content creators to make their content more engaging and shareable. For our next step, Lemmeno will integrate the share widget and analytics dashboard with key players. We plan to add tools for creating more interactive content optimised for mobile experience in the future.