Startups for News 2016

Our Interview with Niwzi

Niwzii Content

Niwzii turns current news into video games, supporting journalists to increase the reach, interaction and engagement of their work in minutes. Thanks to our web-based platform, journalists simply have to copy and paste their texts into our dashboard to have a host of custom visual, interactive options generated: from animated infographics to 2D/3D graphs and charts, word games like crosswords and puzzles to arcade-like games, all easy to further personalize and publish across multiple platforms.

Our platform requires no programming skills and allows journalists to monetize their interactive contents or make them available for free.


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What problem are you solving?

Today’s global information industries generate USD 163 billion from newspapers alone, with a growing number of readers ready to pay for content (+60% in the past three years).

Also, in the next five years printed press will lose USD 2 billion on traditional circulation but will generate USD 6 billion in revenues from digital editions, providing that content be engaging, available on multiple platforms and interactive (Reuters Institute, 2014).  


Describe your solution to the problem above.

Our web-based platform allows journalists to create beautiful and meaningful interactive content in minutes. Thanks to our proprietary algorithm, all that journalists have to do is to copy and paste the text of their articles into Niwzii to see custom contents generated for them - no programming skills required.

Examples of interactive contents include 2D and 3D data visualizations, interactive timelines and maps, crosswords and casual games (Pac Man, Flappy Bird, etc.), all based on journalists' articles.

All of the options above are custom generated by our platform, and can be personalized by uploading pictures, videos and audio.  




List three reasons why you are better than your competitors.

  • Simplicity: Anyone can create beautiful, engaging interactive content in minutes, no programming skills required. Our user-friendly interface only asks users to copy and paste their texts on it, automatically generating customs options ready to be used.
  • Variety: Journalists decide what to create to best complement their work, with options such as casual games, crosswords, animated infographics and interactive graphs and maps, ready to be published online through an embeddable code.
  • Affordability: Subscriptions start at USD 9/month, giving the chance for journalists to choose to monetize their interactive contents when published online.


How does your company make money?

Niwzii offers subscription plans to cater for different needs and profiles (SaaS). Our current pricing model comprises five different plans, such as:

  • Free trial for one game
  • 1 month subscription (individuals only) - €9,90
  • Annual subscription (individuals only) - €94
  • Annual subscription (working groups of up to five people) - € 460
  • Annual subscription (working groups of over five people) - Ad hoc


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What are your next steps? Future developments or features to be added to your product?

Should our prototype get consensus and traction, we expect to start negotiating with publishers and editors to discuss ways to integrate our platform offerings into their editorial work.

Other than this, the platform will open up to other people that write consistently but that are not journalists or bloggers: PR and those working in the communication departments at corporations or NGOs, scientists and researchers, international organizations and the government.