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Our Interview with Pulpix

Pulpix Content

Pulpix helps media companies and online publishers engage their audience through real-time suggestions inside videos.

What problem are you solving?
Today online publishers are concerned about the video experience on their site because video registers both higher user engagement and higher CPMs. However, they often rely on simple embeds or video playlists due to a lack of resources. Pulpix offers them a better and a more simple way to increase views and retention.

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Describe your solution to the problem described above?
Using audio recognition technology to find the most pertinent key words, Pulpix efficiently recirculates and recommends content (videos, articles and social pages) directly within the video player itself. We realized that often the user doesn’t just want a recommendation to be the next thing they watch. Sometimes they want to see articles, social pages, or other types of information while still watching the video. Our picture-in-picture multitask view optimizes the viewing experience so viewers can more easily discover and interact with contextual content. Once Pulpix is integrated, publishers see on average a 50% increase in time spent on site and a 20% boost in video views.


Increase Views

List 3 reasons why you are better than your competitors
We quickly understood that users are now frenzied multitaskers, a multiple-tab generation. With Pulpix, viewers don’t need hundreds of open tabs, as they can easily access relevant content, read an article and watch a video simultaneously thanks to a picture-in-picture multitask view. We integrate with existing video players and generate recommendations automatically so no need for any complicated, time-consuming integration, which is important given how many digital projects online publishers have under development at any one time. Unlike other recommendation tools, we have a very strong focus on UX, which is what led us to putting related content directly within the video itself: on hand and accessible. The viewer can then choose how they want to interact with the content through our ‘read now/read next’ feature. We want video to become the gateway to content.




How does your company make money?
Pulpix offers a range of monthly plans based on extra revenue generated by our solution.

What are your next steps? Future developments or features to be added to your product?
Advertisers and publishers will be able to promote their content across third party websites on Pulpix’s native ad platform and earn additional revenue.

Business Insider. This startup has come up with a way to entice you to watch 20% more video.
Madyness. #FrenchTech. Découvrez Pulpix, les Français qui ont déménagé à Palo Alto et rejoint le Y Combinator.



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