Interview with SAM


SAM powers social media workflows for newsrooms. From powerful social media search, collaborative curation and UGC processing to beautiful embeds for storytelling. 



What problem do you solve? 

Newsrooms are fast paced environments. Social networks are faster and much more chaotic environments. Getting the two to mesh together means lots of open tabs, emailing links, too much copy/pasting, requesting permissions, verifying, corroborating and battling CMSs to publish.

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What is your solution? 

SAM is a social media workflow tool designed for journalists and newsrooms. We power social media search to identify quality content on social networks with Term, People, & GEO Searches. Once you have identified valuable UGC, SAM allows you to analyze the uploader to determine their history and other factors to help verify the content. SAM then acts as a robust CMS for Social Media Content. Journalists can fully collaborate on curation, annotation, verification, clearance and publishing of the best social media content. Our tool helps bring the newsroom together to save time, make teams more efficient and ultimately tell great stories with social media content via our easy to use embeds.


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List 3 reasons why you are better than your competitors. 

We’re hell-bent on empowering journalists and newsrooms. It’s not about an algorithm getting the scoop or a button that spams users with permission links and complex terms of services. Empowering good journalism is at the core of SAM - we want to take a back seat to enable storytellers to tell amazing stories - without getting lost in technical frustration or workflow drama. We see things a little differently and try to take the long view. Every day we think about what is best for the industry, the up-loaders and even the social networks. To pull this off, everyone has to win.


What is your business model? 

SAM offers a range of affordable monthly or annual plans to suite small newsrooms to large international media enterprises.


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What are the next steps for SAM?

We always have a lot percolating in the SAM laboratories. We have the most amazing customers that actively feedback suggestions and feature requests. Something we’re looking at closely is Lists. Lists that go way beyond the current standard of Twitter Lists. Other things high on the radar are more templates for embeds and more tie-ins with CMS’s & Broadcast platforms. 



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