Study Tours

Learning from those that have been through it, and that are pushing the boundaries

From Big Data to Automated Journalism

Chicago / New York - 7 -11 December 2014

How to start robot journalism in 2015 while keeping your newsroom happy

The Global Editors Network took you on a tour to discover the new possibilities offered by automated journalism TODAY. The perspective of automated journalism is no longer futuristic or for the year 2020, as the process has already started at AP, Forbes and ProPublica in New York. The tour began in Chicago, an environment of labs rich with startups and forward-thinking developers, where the automatisation process was first "invented" at Northwestern University.

The goal of this study tour is to give you all relevant information - from an editorial, managerial, technological and business perspective - for implementing elements of automated journalism within your newsroom(s).

Embracing Video

New York & Washington, 6-10 April 2014

The Global Editors Network took you on a tour to discover a variety of video strategies. To give you a 360° vision, the tour will take you to: traditional media organizations that are embracing video - such as The New York Times, WSJ, CNN and WaPo; established media companies including Yahoo!, The Huffington Post, YouTube and Twitter; and start-ups that are disrupting the space such as Buzzfeed, Mashable, NowThisNews and Newsy. 

If you are integrating video into your newsroom, looking to change or enhance your strategy, or even confirm whether you are on the right track, this study tour could have given you access to the strategy makers sharing why they have made the decisions that they have. 

Mobile Content Strategy

New York & Atlanta, October 2013

How do you decide which content to put on mobile platforms? Should it be short form or long form? Should content be presented in an app or responsive designed website? Is the site-less web an option? And given that mobile advertising hasn't increased in line with audience, can we rely on this revenue stream? What are the the alternative possibilities?