VR Study Tours

The best way to learn is to talk to those who have been through the experience.

New York & Washington D.C., 1-7 October 2017

Mixed Reality for Immersive Journalism

How to breathe VR, AR, MR and 360 video into the newsroom  

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The Global Editors Network will take you on a tour to better understand how mixed reality and immersive technologies for journalism are used in certain newsrooms experimenting with new formats of storytelling.

This study tour will be focused on practical implementation of Mixed Reality within newsrooms, introducing you to the innovators at the forefront of these technologies to help editors and publishers understand how news media can take advantage of these innovations for their content.


Schedule overview     

Sunday 1 October: Arrival and welcome dinner, New York

Monday 2 October: New York Times, Koncept VR, LittlStar

Tuesday 3 October: Associated Press, Huffington Post’s Ryot, Mic Inc

Wednesday 4 October: YouTube, Samsung & Travel to Washington D.C.

Thursday 5 October: Washington Post, Newseum, ONA reception

Friday 6 October: J360, ONA conference

Saturday 7 October: ONA conference & Flights back

Download the full schedule here


Practical Information 

Working language

The presentations will be held in English. All meetings have been confirmed.


Some of the companies visited will present sensitive or private material that is not meant to be shared publicly. 

What is included in the fee? 

Participants should ideally arrive in the afternoon of Sunday 1 October, in New York. The study tour ends on Saturday 7 october, in the afternoon, in Washington, D.C..

The fee covers all expenses from the Sunday dinner to the Saturday lunch. This includes four-star accommodation, meals, transportation, and the trip from New York to Washington on Thursday 5 October.

The fee also includes a ticket to the Online News Association (ONA) conference. The event will be from Thursday 5 October to Saturday 7 October. You have the possibility of attending all the sessions and discussion panels.

(Inbound flights to New York and outbound flights from Washington, D.C. are not included.)  

How much does it cost? 

1. GEN Summit participants and former GEN study tour participants: €5,200 ($5,750)

2. First-time participants: €6,500 ($7,150)

Cancellation policy: GEN will reimburse 50 percent of the fee if a participant cancels three weeks before the study tour. Any participant can be replaced by another member of the same media group.  

Who should attend?

The study tour will consist of 15 participants. The study tour is geared toward editors-in-chief and group editors, senior news executives and top managers who want to understand how media organisations can take advantage of new devices in the elds of virtual reality, augmented reality and new immersive storytelling methods – from a content and business perspective.


Some of the companies visited will present sensitive or private material that is not meant to be shared publicly.


For registration, questions or comments, please contact:

Jean-Yves Chainon, Director of AR, VR & 360 Video, Global Editors Network  jychainon@globaleditorsnetwork.org

US tel: +1 808 724 6037

Carole Chainon, Producer, Study Tour Manager, Global Editors Network  cchainon@globaleditorsnetwork.org

US tel: +1 808 724 6046

Bertrand Pecquerie, Chief Executive Officer, Global Editors Network  bpecquerie@globaleditorsnetwork.org

Tel: + 33 9 67 73 06 97